Docker: Docker-compose

The docker-compose is a CLI tool that automates some very long arguments we other wise will be passing to “docker run” command. This tool will also help us to start multiple containers at the same time. In real…

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Docker: Running Docker commands

This tutorial is a continuation of a previous post Docker: Installation and basics The command to run a container from an image is: [root@gw20-lap-doc1 ~]# docker run <image name> The command docker run image = docker…


Docker: Installation and basics

This tutorial is aimed to teach one how to install Docker in CentOS 7 base host, and to perform basic tasks. Quick Notes: You cannot run a Windows based container on a Docker that is…


Kafka: Basics -- terminologies

Kafka is a middle-ware application developed by Apache Foundation, used for building real-time data pipelines and streaming apps, which is scalable and has fault-tolerant capabilities.   Posted below are the basic terminologies used by Kafka,…


Python : Basics of File Handling

In this tutorial we will be showing how to work with files stored in the host, such as reading the contents of the file, adding more lines, etc. Listed below are few of the syntax…