Basic ACLs in Linux

ACL – Access Control List is a wonderful feature in linux that enables system administrators to add additional permissions on a linux folder or file. These permissions can be assigned to a user or group…

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Making a CentOS 7 linux host as a router

Linux has the provision to work as a router connecting two networks. In this example we have two NICs in the host. ]# ifconfig …… ens32: flags=4163<UP,BROADCAST,RUNNING,MULTICAST> mtu 1500 …… inet netmask broadcast…


Enabling security using .htaccess file

When working with web servers, and displaying contents, you may wish to restrict access to certain pages to only authenticated users. Which means one will require a password to view these restricted pages. Though there…


Linux iptables

Netfilter : The actual filtering in a Linux box is done using Netfilter. Iptables : is the tool used to create this filters. Iptables maintain state-full firewall. Ipchains does not maintain state-full firewall The module…