Configuring TLS in Postfix

This post is a continuation on previous posts.¬†It is expected that you have a working Postfix server with Virtual Domain hosting, Dovecot based authentication and filtering using¬†Spamassassin. The previous post in this series can be…

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Configuring postfix virtual mail domain

This is part of the Postfix documents series, continuation of “Accessing a dovecot imap server using SquirrelMail”. One should complete the initial steps in these docuemtns to make this work. Create a user to manage…


Accessing a dovecot imap server using SquirrelMail

Install an SMTP server and POP/IMAP server using the following link Install http server and SquirrelMail yum install httpd php Download the latest stable version of application (squirrelmail-webmail-1.4.22) from the SquirrelMail site copy it in…


Install and configure Dovecot pop3 server

Dovecot is a beautiful pop3 server that works well with most of the linux based mail servers. Follow the steps mentioned here to configure and installation first. Now install dovecot yum install dovecot Edit the…