Redhat Ansible

Ansible: The copy module

The module ansible.builtin.copy enables users to copy files from the controller node to managed nodes. It also helps to add/modify a destination file with a specific content. In the below example we use three groups in…


Time Date and Timesync using Chronyd

Every system has a clock and is a critical component of the Operating System. It keep the time, which is used for various proposes such as: Running automated jobs as configured intervals Marking timestamp on…


DNF : Dandified YUM

Dandified YUM or simply DNF is an advanced version of the Yellowdog Updater, Modified OR simply YUM, a package manager for rpm-based Linux distributions. The “yum” commands are still available in Redhat, but they point…


Creating YUM and DNF Repositories

As we all knows the yum and dnf commands are used to download and install software packages from software repositories configured in the node. In a centOS server, centos repositories will be configured by default….


Ansible: Configuration file

When executing a playbook, ansible uses certain values mentioned in the “ansible.cfg” file. This includes the location of “inventory” file, etc. The “ansible.cfg” file can be present in any of the following locations, and the…