Bacula : Testing Bacula Backup Job

This is a continuation of the post “Bacula Backup Systems (Server)” which can be accessed by clicking here. In this employment the server, database and storage is hosted in one single server. To test the…

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SELinux is a set of security rules using which we can control the processes that can access specific files, folders and ports. These processes, files, folders and ports has a special security label called SELinux…


Configuring TLS in Postfix

This post is a continuation on previous posts. It is expected that you have a working Postfix server with Virtual Domain hosting, Dovecot based authentication and filtering using Spamassassin. The previous post in this series can be…


Docker: backup and restore of a database

It is very important to backup databases deployed using containers. Else once the container stops, all data in it will be gone. For this exercise we will continue the example used in previous post that created…


Linux Performance monitoring using SAR

The tool sar is a very powerful tool that can be used to monitor performance of various Linux components such as CPU, Memory, IO, etc in real-time, and also collect data on an on-going basis…