Maven – Make a build from a simple Java program.


Maven is a Build Automation tool, or in a more accurate way, a Project Automation Tool

This is a simple tutorial of how to buld a Java code using Maven. For this we will first create a Java code to display “Hello my world – Shiju Varghese!!”


  • CentOS system with Java and Maven installed.

Let us create a folder named “/data/myProject” and navigate to the folder by using the command “cd /data/myProject

We have to start this project by crating a “pom.xml” file for the specific project that will assist Maven to build the project. This will inherit other attributes from the super POM. Let us use the posted below code:






Maven expects the java code in a specific folder. Therefor let us create the required folder using the command “mkdir -p src/main/java/com/shijuvarghese
Let us go to this folder by using the command “cd /data/myProject/src/main/java/com/shijuvarghese

Let us create a java file using an editor, with the file name as The content can be as follows:


package com.shijuvarghese;

public class hworld {
public static void main (String[] args){
System.out.println (“Hello my world – Shiju Varghese!!”);


Now come back to the folder having the pom.xml file and execute the command “mvn compile

If all goes well without any error, you will see a line towards the end that read “[INFO] BUILD SUCCESS

To run the java program, go to the classes folder by using the command “cd /data/myProject/target/classes” and type the command “java com.shijuvarghese.hworld“. The result will be a file that displays:

  • Hello my world – Shiju Varghese!!

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Additional commands:

Clean and remove the class files and folders that was created by Maven : “mvn clean