Installing Dansguardian in CentOS 7


DansGuardian is a wonderful application that is easy to use and works well with proxy servers such as squid to filter web contents. This is a free OpenSource tool, easy to setup.


====== ==

Create a folder to download the application:

]# mkdir /Downloads

]# cd/Downloads

Get the latest stable copy of the software from “”

]# wget

Extract the tar file:

]# tar -xvf dansguardian-

Go to the dansguardian folder

]# cd dansguardian-

Run the configuration command. It will be good to do the default configurations

]# useradd dansguardian

]# ./configure --with-proxyuser=dansguardian --with-proxygroup=dansguardian

]# make

]# make install

You may see an error: “downloadmanagers/fancy.cpp:507:72: error: ‘snprintf’ was not declared in this scope”. Do not panic. Just add the following line with # in the beginning sections of the file “src/downloadmanagers/fancy.cpp”

#include <cstdio>

Verify if dansguardian is running. Since it listens to port 8080 by default, check using this command:

]# netstat -na | grep 8080
tcp     0    0*      LISTEN

IMPORTANT: By default dansguardin will try to connect to a proxy server such as Squid installed in local host listening to port 3128 to access the internet.

From a users desktop browser, try using this host as the proxy (with listening port TCP 8080) in the browser setting, and check if any simple website can be accessed.