February 23, 2024


Ansible – Variables – Adding variables in host file

In the below example variables are defined in the host inventory file. [root@centos9vm ~]# cat inventory === === === servera.example.com [webservers] servera.example.com serverb.example.com [dbservers] serverc.example.com serverb.example.com servera.example.com [myGroups:children] webservers dbservers [testGRP] [testGRP:vars]…


Ansible – Inventory file

A simple Ansible  inventory file is a txt file that has a list of managed hosts and groups. A simple Inventory can be as follows: [root@centos9vm ~]# cat inventory == ===== servera.example.com [webservers] servera.example.com…


Install Ansible Navigator in CentOS 9

The ansible-navigator is a command-line tool which is used for creating, reviewing, running and troubleshooting Ansible content, including playbooks, collections, inventories, documentation and container images. It comes with RHEL distributions and can be installed using…