Bacula Backup Systems (Server)

Bacula is a very powerful enterprise level backup solution which can backup localhost, and even remote host via network. It has these components Director Storage server Cateloge — Database server Console Server The installation process…


Basic ACLs in Linux

ACL — Access Control List is a wonderful feature in linux that enables system administrators to add additional permissions on a linux folder or file. These permissions can be assigned to a user or group…


Install and configure Samba File Server

Samba is an Open Source, free files server available for Linux OS. Its installtion is very simple, and has even high end features such as making it work similar to PDC in Windows for authentication….


Installing Dansguardian in CentOS 7

DansGuardian is a wonderful application that is easy to use and works well with proxy servers such as squid to filter web contents. This is a free OpenSource tool, easy to setup. Installation: ====== ==…


Adding a route in Linux

If you can to access a network outside your local host’s network, and the same is not know to your default gateway, you will require to add static routes in your systems. Same will be…


Change Timezone in Linux

Setting the correct timezone is very important in any system to avoid confusions. Especially in systems used by multiple users, one may think the time is wrong without noticing the timezone.   To verify the…


CentOS 7 authentication using Active Directory

Though Linux hosts has its own local authentication mechanism, as times requirements will arise where Windows Active Directory authentication will be required. For example, if a¬†Linux host needs¬†access to the NTFS folders shared by a…


Sending email with multiple attachment using PhP

The posted below PhP code (function) can be used to send an email with multiple attachment using PhP. ========= =========== ========= <?php $attch1=/attach/file1.txt $attach2=/attach/file2.txt $thefiles[0]=”$attch1″; $thefiles[1]=”$attch2″; $to = “”; $subject = “Hello”; $message = “How…